The swimming pool is to the rear of the farmhouse just beyond the terrace, set in gardens relatively secluded, there is a small terraced area running around the pool as you will see on photo and there are sun loungers on the larger end.

There are corner steps for access to the shallow end making it easier for the younger members of the family or elderly and a pool ladder to help you out at the deep end. There are also pool lights to allow for romantic late night dips and the pool is regularly cleaned during your stay.


The first section of the pool is approx 2ft 6" which then gently slides down to approx 8ft at the deeper end so should be suitable for every age group.

Under the new laws in from 01.01.2004 the pool area is now entirely closed off by a 1m 20 oak and chestnut fence, locked gateway etc in respect of these new norms - irrespectively it is only common sense that children should not be left unattended under any circumstances by pool areas.

The larger part of the terrace is at this top end of the pool which has all the sun loungers. If you look very closely in the bottom left hand corner you can just make out the corner steps!! And the night time photo is taken from the other end.